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Well, HELLOOOOO! I know, I’s been a while!

I am honestly so happy to be back painting your beautiful faces after a few years!

I thought I’d write my very first blog (I know, right?!) and let you all know where I’ve been and my decision to come back to being my own Boss Lady again!

As some of you know, I was pretty well known in the wedding industry, and I even bagged myself a good few awards in the process. I was having the best time, but my personal circumstances changed, and I was offered a full time teaching job at the amazing Fife College in Kirkcaldy. Teaching was always an itch I had to scratch so I jumped in with both feet! It became apparent that I couldn't do everything, being a mum to two boys, working full time and doing my clients/brides on the weekends it was all too much. Sadly, my own business had to go.

Throughout my teaching job I taught the most AMAZING students and worked alongside the most incredible, talented lecturers and industry professionals and I even bagged my TQFE (teaching qualification in further education) with Aberdeen University. But you guys know me....I got bored and I kept thinking back to being part of my brides special day, the wedding magic and excitement and meeting new people. Then COVID came along and like a lot of people, it got me thinking about where my life was going. So, with the MASSIVE support of my incredible Husband to be, Paul, and encouragement from my amazing family and friends (I think they all just wanted their makeup done again! My friends - not Paul!) I decided to take the leap and relaunch Karen Keddie Makeup Artist again!!!! So here I am!

Am I scared? YES! Am I excited? YES!

I have had so many thoughts over the last few weeks... "what if no-one books in with me?", "What if no-one likes my makeup anymore?", "I really need my roots done and I want that nice pair of heels but I’m skint" (hahaha) Seriously though, I was petrified, but you know what? I AM SO GLAD I took the leap! The support, messages and bookings I have received over the last few weeks have been overwhelming! THANK YOU!

I am so so soooo excited to meet you all over the next wee while....

Remember.....! We have one what makes you happy!

Lots of love, K xxx

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