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Why you should book a professional Makeup Artist for your wedding day.

The big day is finally coming! You have spent the last months (or years for some of you) looking for a venue, tasting the caterer's menu, thinking about details for your guests' comfort… What about you?

You have your dress, wedding shoes, your hairdresser booked but what about your lovely face? You might think of hiring a makeup artist for your wedding day.

Here are some reasons why you should hire a Professional Makeup Artist for your wedding.

1. Because you are worth it.

On the wedding day, brides tend to focus more on their family and guests' well-being than on themselves.

Hiring a makeup artist for your wedding is like having a fairy godmother with you, someone who will take care of you and make sure you look your best on your wedding day.

As a Professional Makeup Artist, I see my job as more than just putting mascara on my bride’s eyes.

My job consists of creating a makeup look that will compliment your features and make you feel beautiful because you're worth it.

2. No stress on your wedding day

Preparing for a wedding is extremely stressful and energy-draining.

(Trust me, it is! I’ve just got married!)

The last thing a bride wants to do is to add more stress to the situation by having to do the makeup she likes by herself. I even hired a professional Makeup Artist for my big day!

3.“I don’t like makeup; I want to look natural.”

A lot of women believe that makeup cannot look natural, so they prefer skipping it and not wearing anything on their wedding day.

I get it. The objective of having your makeup done on your wedding day is not to have you look like someone else but to enhance your natural beauty. It takes YEARS to perfect the "no makeup look" as a Makeup Artist and that's what you pay for hiring a professional Makeup Artist.

4.Think of your photos!

On the wedding day, you will be photographed all day long (and evening).

You should look your best for the pictures that will be taken as your pictures will be a lasting momento of your special day.

Having your makeup done by a Professional Makeup Artist will enable you to have a perfect complexion, look fresh, avoid shiny skin (it never looks good in pictures), reduce the signs of tiredness, make your eyes and lips pop…I could go on and on! Your photographer will also thank you for it! It'll save them HOURS of editing out makeup that doesn't look perfect.

5. A special makeup for a special day

Your regular day-to-day or going-out makeup won’t cut it for your big day… sorry! but it’s true! not that it does not suit you, but you will need something else, something more professional.

Wedding makeup is a speciality and there is a reason for that. This type of makeup has specific requirements.

The makeup should:

• enhance your features

• look good in real life and pictures

• match your style and your dress

• last all day long

• be flawless

Your usual makeup products and makeup techniques might not be able to help get all of these. Professional Makeup Artists know EVERY trick and product to ensure your wedding day makeup lasts.

6. Book a trial session with a Professional Makeup Artist first!

Same as you go for dress fittings, you should book a trial with a Makeup Artist. The objective of the trial is to try a makeup look but also see how your skin reacts and as far as I am concerned, create a connection with your makeup artist. I've had so many brides that come to me having never worn any makeup before and it's so scary for them!

During the trial, I will recreate the look of what the bride wants then

the bride can see how it looks in real life, I can see how the skin reacts to the skin prep and makeup products.

We can also make adjustments if needed and see what the makeup looks like at different moments of the day.

The trial is a moment when the bride and I can communicate and I can get to know her more to understand exactly what she needs from me.

7. We use quality products

The products we, Professional Makeup Artists use in our kit are different from the products you use.

I do not only want my brides to look gorgeous but I want to take care of their skin first, I want them to feel good with the products on their faces (eliminate the risk of allergies for example) and have makeup that matches their skin type.

This is the reason why Professional Makeup Artists invest so much in their makeup kits.

The products I use will match any situation that can happen on the wedding day like teary eyes, extremely shiny skin, staying power during hot days etc. And again, thanks to these products, the makeup will last all day and that is what you need.

I even have a fan to cool you down if you get too hot, a needle and thread, snacks, mints and even paracetamol!!! One bride called my bag a Mary Poppins bag!

8. Hygiene is so important to us!

A true Professional Makeup Artist always has hygiene rules in mind. Every single part of my makeup kit has been replaced since the Covid outbreak, including my brushes. I am constantly cleaning and replacing my kit and checking the use-by dates on all my products! That's a mission in itself!

9. It's a Luxury service.

Makeup Artists are now not only reserved for celebrities for the red carpet, for TV personalities etc. Although hiring a Professional Makeup Artist is a luxury service and if you can afford it, I advise you to enjoy it. YOU WON'T REGRET IT!

You will have the chance to not have to travel to a salon and risk being late. You can have a Professional Makeup Artist come to you and have your makeup done in the comfort of your home or hotel room.

This is another way to relieve stress from your shoulders just sit and enjoy every minute.

10. This is your moment

Something that brides do not always realise is that the day runs fast. SO FAST! Your Makeup Artist is highly trained in these situations. They will get you all ready in time with no stress. They will help you get in your dress, peel off labels, cut off tags on dresses and even help you get into your dress if required. We even can share tips on how to hold your flowers and even pee in your wedding dress...yip, you read that right!! haha!

The hours before the ceremony starts are such good fun and all of my brides always send me messages saying that. It is just about you so enjoy every second of it.

These are only my opinions......! Let me know what you all think!

Love Karen xxx

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